Addressing the details

Our Approach

365 Construction Tents are built to protect weather sensitive projects. Our patent-pending system keeps the weather out and your job on schedule.

Our professional installation team takes pride in their work – securing the tent frame to the building's parapet and fastening the waterproof wrap around the frame keeps the tent structure strong and the weather out of your work space.

Our Story

30 years as a general contractor and 5 years of parapet and truss repair work in Chicago, led Bob Kelly to design 365 Construction Tents – a quick set-up, reliable, affordable, weatherproof tent system, built specifically to protect exposed roofing projects.

"Windy City weather can be tough to contend with. I knew anything we built had to handle the extreme demands of a Chicago winter and spring. So we developed an extendable rigid system that goes up quick and stays strong throughout the life of a project."

– Bob Kelly, Inventor & President
365 Construction Tents


Meet the Team

Each member of our team has over 20 years of practical, real-world construction experience, which helps us anticipate your needs and provide a tent that will exceed your expectations. Set your schedule and get it done on time in a safe, weatherproof environment.


Bob Kelly

Inventor & President

As a veteran general contractor, Bob realized the need for 365 Construction Tents through personal experience restoring buildings throughout Chicago.

In solving Chicago's Wet Building Crisis, Bob has been on rooftops throughout the city, adding proper flashing and WickRight Vapor Release Systems™ passive ventilation devices to help dry out wet buildings.


Eliseo Corral


Eliseo's practical construction knowledge gives him a unique perspective and enables him to address specification requirements efficiently. He keeps our team moving in the right direction with the end goal in focus.

Next Steps...

Contact us today to discuss your project, requirements and schedule. We can have a tent up and ready to go for your team in short order.